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Here you will find a basic outline of the services available from Pi Logistics, Inc.  We understand that you often have specific requirements that don't always match a pre-defined menu of choices.  Therefore, we will always be flexible and open to your special needs.  So if you are unable to locate what you're looking for on this page please do not hesitate to contact us.

Duplication Services  
  • CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R Duplication:
    • CD-R, CD-RW, Mini CD-R and DVD±R.
    • All major optical disc formats and file systems supported.
    • Small to medium runs from 1 to 1000 units available.
    • Complete Pre-mastering services.
    • All duplication performed in house using the highest quality media on leading edge CD-RW and DVD±R drives.
    • Pre-mastering, duplication and quality assurance managed by the latest optical media duplication solutions from Padus Software, Acronova and Disc Makers.

Copy Protection Services  
  • Powerful Optical Disc Copy Protection & DRM Solutions From HexaLock, Ltd.:
    • HexaLock CD-RX:  HexaLock CD-RX media are specially made CD-R's that contain a pre-compiled session, which includes security elements that make the discs copy protectable. The program files are linked to these security elements during the recording process, thus creating a copy-protected CD-R. Software developers, specialty publishers, government and military service providers and virtually anyone trying to protect smaller sized distribution runs are ideal candidates for CD-RX use.
      Current Content File Support:
      * PDF documents for use with Adobe Reader
      * Microsoft Word & Powerpoint files (requires use of Microsoft Word & Powerpoint viewers)
      * Internet files (HTM, HTML, XML, etc.)
      * Picture files (JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF) and Macromedia SWF files
      * Audio/Video Media files (AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, WAV, MP3, ASF)
      Feature List:
      * Excellent resistance to copying software
      * Serialization and tracking information possible
      * Advanced anti-cracking techniques
      * Polymorphic encryption process
      * Conforms to the Orange Book Standards
      * Compatible with standard CD recorders
  • Advanced Optical Disc Copy Protection & Product Activation Solutions From StarForce Technologies International:
    • StarForce Professional 3.0:  A powerful multi-level CD-R / CD-ROM / DVD-ROM copy protection system designed for developers and publishers who wish to protect their software and files distributed on CD-R / CD-ROM / DVD-ROM against professional piracy.  StarForce Professional 3.0 is the first system that offers multi-level and fully-functional protection which encrypts not only executable files but also select non-executable files included in the application.
    • StarForce ProActive 1.1:  A software activation technology which combines the strength of StarForce Professional with the freedom to choose distribution methods.  New cutting-edge activation technology provides licensing and usability controls for any kind of professional and entertainment software being distributed on physical media as well as via the Internet.

Printing Services  
  • Solid Ink Printing:
    • B&W to 4 Color, utilizing state of the art Solid Ink Technology by Xerox®, for small to medium runs of CD labels, jewel case inserts, DVD case inserts, sleeves, mailers and other printed material.
  • InkJet Printing:
    • B&W to 4 Color, utilizing enhanced Color Layering Technology by HP® for small to medium runs of CD labels, jewel case inserts, DVD case inserts, sleeves and mailers.
  • CD-R / CD-RW / DVD-R Silk Screen Printing:
    • Custom silk screen printing of CD-R and DVD-R from 1 color to 4 color process for medium to large production runs.
  • Graphic Support and Desktop Publishing:
    • Basic design, editing and proofing.
    • Complete design from concept to finished product.

Assembly / Fulfillment Services  
  • Packaging:
    • Standard jewel case, slimline jewel case, DVD case and more...
    • Paper, Tyvek, SBS sleeves and mailers (plain and printed).
  • Product Assembly:
    • Label application (CD-R / DVD-R, jewel cases, DVD cases, sleeves and mailers).
    • Printed material insertion (jewel cases, DVD cases, sleeves and mailers).
    • Wafer seal and shrink wrap.
  • Fulfillment:
    • Single piece shipments and/or mailings from supplied data files.
    • Bulk shipments to distribution points.
    • Major carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS) available with online shipment notification and tracking.

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